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Would You Like to customize your feeds and how the articles appear on your website or a blog by applying different style sheets, changing the display count or date and source display.



Also if your website or a blog is about one particular career and you would like to get articles only related to your niche.


If so then do the following:




Go to our article directory RSS feeds page


From there choose URL of the category you are interested in receiving.


If you like to receive career articles covering all the categories choose the URL on top of the page.


One you have identified the articles you are interested in just copy the url of that category and then use one of the software's below, past the url to appropriate place choose your style options and generate the code to copy and past to your blog or a website.



Article friendly RSS feed builder





Not Interested in RSS feeds? No Problem. You can still use articles from our article directory on your website or a blog. Below every article there is HTML ready article that you can easily copy and place it to your blog or website. All the articles are free to use as long as you leave source of the article and authors' resource box intact as they come with HTML ready article.